Life is full of Innovations! 

Our mission

Our mission is to improve and extend life by adopting innovative technologies.

Our technologies provide people with:

  • clean water in water supply facilities,
  • fresh air in air conditioning systems,
  • clean food products free of chemicals and antibiotics,
  • protection from radiation and illnesses.

Our activities are aimed at carrying out scientific researches, production and providing disinfection, decontamination, water treatment and deposition clearing services.

Innovative Technologies

Innovation is a high-technology company holding a patent for manufacturing of a wide range of products and services. The products offered are certificated by the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) and manufactured according to applicable technical requirements.

Our products and services are based on sophisticated, unique, breakthrough technologies.


Innovation invests into science and scientific researches and assists scientists in introducing their scientific projects. Throughout its existence the company has achieved meaningful results