Rudenko Vladimir Vitalyevich
Chairman of the Holding Board of Directors

Educational background:

  • Technical, financial and economic education

Proficiency enhancement:
  • High School of Business of the Managers' Union of the USSR
  • High School of Business on Marketing and Foreign Economic Activity
  • Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on Management of International Relations program
  • Moscow Skolkovo School of Management Management Practicum

  • Entrepreneurial experience:
    • Construction business
    • Cabling business
    • The largest meat-and-milk packaging business in the Russian Federation (product supplies to 84 countries)
    • Enterprise manufacturing flavoring additives for food industry
    • Development business
    • Financial business
    • Gold mining business

    Belova Larisa Valeryevna
    Director General

    Educational background:

    • Higher technical education (Diploma with honors)
    • Higher economic education (Diploma with honors)

    Proficiency enhancement:
    • Postgraduate training program
    • Intergovernmental training program in the USA

    Work experience:
    • Senior teacher of the Department of Company Economics in the Technical University
    • Entrepreneurial experience in commercial and financial organizations
    • Executive positions in higher education institutions and commercial, banking and financial organizations

    Maksimets Vadim Anatolyevich
    Research Director, degree in biological sciences and senior research scientist

    Educational background:

    • Chemical process engineer (Industrial Engineering Faculty of Saratov Military Engineers' Academy of Chemical Defense)
    • Ecologist (Saint-Petersburg University)

    Proficiency enhancement:
    • Cell biology (Kirov Teachers' Training University)

    Patented and tested technologies:
    • Automated decision making technologies for an ecologist's automated working station (patent and introduction certificates)
    • Flexible adaptable biological protection systems, vector disinfectants (patent and introduction certificates for the first systems and agents in Russia)
    • Flexible adaptable decontamination systems, nanocavitants and nanoprooxidants (know-how and introduction certificates)
    • Flexible adaptable systems to clear and prevent industrial plant equipment and lines from biological fouling, depositions and corrosion; nanocavitants, nanotransits, nanobiotensids and systems of chemical water and steam treatment (know-how and introduction certificates)

    State biological protection and ecology expert (Certificate of Federal Research Centre for Projects Evaluation and Consulting Services)