Innovation Mission is to improve and extend life by adopting innovative technologies

Civilization development objective is to develop a pollution-free environment.

All researches of Innovation Group of Companies are aimed at improving human life. Each of our technologies aids to make our environment cleaner and draws near the happy time when all of us will be living in an ecologically-clean world without air pollution, carbon footprint, radiation and epidemies, a world with clean water in water supply facilities, fresh air in air conditioning systems, clean food products free of chemicals and antibiotics. 

World without Infections

Biological protection of humans, animals, birds and plants from diseases caused by biological, viral, fungal and toxic agents is one of the most relevant subjects of our scientific researches and our technologies. 

World without Infections

Innovation is a high-technology company. Our products and services are based on sophisticated, unique, breakthrough technologies.

Our Nanocavitation technology ensures clearing and decontamination of heat-exchange equipment in nuclear, natural-gas, oil-refining, petrochemical, electric-power industries and community facilities. Technology of Nanocavitation provides an opportunity to decontaminate equipment of nuclear power plants upon decommissioning.

Technology of Nanobiocides, meanwhile, enables to accomplish desinfectation of all known viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxins.


Innovation invests into science and scientific researches and assists scientists in introducing their scientific works into life.