Structure of Innovation Group of Companies consists of companies carrying out scientific-technical and developmental activities in the field of nuclear and decontamination industry, project companies in the field of innovations and the enterprise acting as financial partner.

The Corporate Centre of Innovation Group of Companies includes the following companies:

●     Innovation Group Holding

●     Atmosfera Financial Corporation

The Corporate Centre tasks include strategy for developing the Group, taking key investment and management decisions and approving candidates for top positions.

Innovation Group Holding is an intellectual center of the Innovation Group of Companies. It constitutes the whole intellectual property of the Group including patents, inventions, trademarks and know-how.

Atmosfera Financial Corporation founded in 2004 successfully carries out its activity at the financial market in the field of mortgage lending and non-mortgage assets securitization. Nowadays it also engages in investment activity in the field of innovations by putting up money for scientific start-up companies.

The corporation is constantly searching for new investment opportunities in and outside Russia and looking for business contacts with representatives of international investment community to provide Innovation Group of Companies with steady business growth both in Russian Federation and abroad. Atmosfera Financial Corporation provides Innovation Group Holding with advise on strategy, market and investment study in certain business sectors and financial services.

Innovation Economic Partnership acts as a project company dealing mostly with innovations of Innovation Group of Companies.